TIL Tuesday: Goodwill Books

Today I learned that my local goodwill has a mini library in it!  Not only that but it has a section for hobbies that is packed full of all sorts of craft books.  I snagged this GIANT book for only $1.99.  This step-by-step covers every needlecraft that I know of.  It has knitting, crochet, tatting, braiding, macrame,  needlepoint, embroidery, rug hooking, weaving, quilting, basic sewing, patchwork, applique, and there are some that I'm probably forgetting!  I can't wait to use this book to learn knitting colorwork and tatting.  Such a steal on the price too!  Its so funny how one mans trash is another mans treasure.  If you dont already, I recommend checking out your local goodwills book area.  Happy crafting!