Thread It Thursday: Project Bags


This week I made project bags!  They are great projects for small pieces of fabric and they are pretty quick to make.  You could use these to hold just about anything but they are great for small craft projects like knitting, crocheting, or even some embroidery.  I followed this tutorial over here at In Color Order.  I made a little modification to make the bags reversible! Check out the insides!

EEEEeeeee!  If you can't tell I'm ready for it to be fall already!  All I did was cut the inside pieces the same as the exterior pieces.  And then I left an open hole on each accent piece.  When I sewed them together I made sure not too sew the holes shut so when you turn the bags inside out you just have to pop the knot of the drawstring through the hole.  I thought it was pretty clever since I'm an extremely novice sewer, so I'm sure it wouldn't be hard for most of you to find a better way!  But if you do please share!  Happy Crafting!