Make It Monday: Scrappy Dog Toy

So today my post is a little different than usual.  That's because I stumbled upon this by complete accident!  I had bought an old pillow case from a goodwill store to play around with the idea of fabric yarn.  I followed this tutorial to cut up the scraps and make a ball of fabric yarn.  Well I left the ball on the kitchen table overnight and when I woke up my cat had strung the fabric yarn all over the house.  As I was trying to collect it all my dogs started playing tug of war with it.  I finally gave up and braided and knotted the fabric together and let the dogs have it.  I can not express how much they love this toy! And it only cost me $1.  Not to mention how long its lasted.  Normally my dogs have their toys shredded to pieces within 24hrs but this fabric yarn holds up well! 

I recommend checking out the tutorial for making fabric yarn, and heck you could even use scrap fabric tied into strips braided together!  Hope your dogs enjoy this as much as mine.  Who am I kidding the cat loves it too!  Happy crafting!