WIP Wednesday: Snowmen and More...

I guess it's Christmas in July! I found some really cute Christmas stuff on sale at Joannes and since snowmen are the cutest part of winter I had to get them all.  In the picture above I started a cross-stitch pattern from a book full of snowmen.  And yes, I know it will take FOREVER.  Good thing I'm starting now.

Then I got this awesome felt stocking kit for $4.  It features embroidery AND sewing :D  My mother used to have a felt sequined and beaded stocking growing up and I was always so jealous.  Her grandmother made it for her when she was a kid and it was striking next to our plain red stockings.  I am determined to make my stocking, then one for my husband, and ones for my future babies (after they're born of course). 
And oh my goodness what would I do without my new knitting friend!  I was a miserable struggling knitting newbie who had only finished one knitted project...until now. :D Now I can not get enough, this super cute simple knitted washcloth can be found here.  I've been using Hobby Lobby's I Love This Cotton and I'm very surprised its as soft as it is! I plan to make a set of five.  I figure by then I'll be both bored and master of the knit stitch...hopefully.
And remember this guy? The crochet shawl I'm making for my grandmother.  It's slowly coming along and I LOVE it, this pattern is just beautiful, although it is a pain in the butt to sew together.  Good thing I'm sewing and weaving ends as I go!