WIP Wednesday: Sewn Chaos

So this project has been a promising pain in my butt.  I'm currently in the process of making an amigurumi doll for a friend of mine. She is a character from the popular online game League of Legends. She will eventually be a version of Orianna's sewn chaos skin.  The body and legs are sewn together but I still need to sew on the head and arms, make her skirt, sleeves, embroider her face, and add hair.  So still quite a bit of work!  I'm kicking myself now for losing my notes as I wrote this pattern but when she's finished I'll just count my work and write them back up again.  

Hey look, I made progress on my felt stocking.  The snowman has a face!  The hat isn't stitched down yet but I did finish the beading and sequins so I wanted to show it off.

Lets take a minute and admire the detail!  Ahhhhhhhhhhh very time consuming yet beautiful.  My camera really can't do this project any justice.  It fails to capture the way the sequins reflect light.  I LOVE IT!
And a little bit of progress on Mr. X-stitch Snowman.  Cross-stitch is so slow!  But I'm enjoying it while I watch my newly found podcasts :D  Hope your WIPS are coming up nicely, and happy crafting!