Thread It Thursday: A Months Worth Of Hoops!

I'm back and I've been busy!  I was out of town unexpectedly for over a month and I was soo happy that I had packed some embroidery work to take with me.  The design above is another Urban Threads design that I bought back during their sale.  It was supposed to be "tinted" with crayons but my heavy hand "colored" that beast :).  I am still very pleased with the way it turned out.  I'm keeping this bad boy out of the hoop because I think I'm going to turn it into a purse!

This is the second hoop I completed.  This hoop is more "tinted" than colored lol!  I'm starting to get the hang of it.  I designed and stitched this hoop for the Hoopla A-long on Craftster for June, the theme was summer.  For me summer is camping...and the best part...toasting marshmallows!

This was a design I found browsing Pinterest, and of course like half the posts on Pinterest it didn't link back to the original page.  I figured since this design was for personal use that I wasn't violating any copyright laws...I hope.  But this hoop was a great way to get some practice with french knots.  I love the 3-D effect.

This hoop was another Urban Threads design that I had bought.  This hoop was a big pain in my butt, BUT I am much better at the satin stitch now.  And I have to say thanks to my husband for helping pick out the colors of the humming bird they are striking.

This is my most recent finished hoop.  I designed this hoop for the Craftster Hoopla A-long.  July's theme was favorite quote, word, or saying.  I found this quote browsing Pinterest one day and I just fell in love!  I had so much fun playing around with different stitches.  My favorite new stitch I learned was the whipped back stitch, easy and beautiful!

Finally, while I was visiting my mom  I found this unfinished hoop in her stack of fabric. This vintage looking halloween design is to die for!  I begged her to let me finish it, now unfortunately as I was stitching along the old fabric ripped a little.  I'm going to try to patch the back and finish it.  I know this will be my favorite project ever when I finish it <3