Make It Monday: Giant Cross Stitch

So my grandma has been suffering from arthritis for years.  It's gotten to the point now that she has to keep her hands wrapped and she barely has any strength in them.  And on top of that her eyes aren't doing so well either.  Because of all of this she can no longer enjoy the crafts she used to such as crocheting, sewing, cross-stitch and embroidery.
She said she thought she might still be able to do cross-stitch since it doesn't hurt her hands to hold  a needle but she says she can't see the holes in the Aida and its hard for her to read the charts because they are so small. 
Alas!  I have come up with the solution.  If you know any crafticapped people such as my grandmother maybe you can help them too!  I had her give me one of the cross-stitch kits she wanted to do and I am in the process of coloring rug canvas so that she can clearly see the pattern on the canvas.  Then I will wind up all the different colors of yarn that she needs to do the project on some scrap cardboard.  I'll send it all back to her with a couple of tapestry needles and she should be able to complete it!  The only problem is that converting a cross-stitch pattern to rug canvas multiplies the size tremendously!  This pattern is originally only supposed to be about 7x9 inches but now its going to be Giant Cross-Stitch about 2x3 feet!!!
So if you are planning to do this for someone you know, or maybe even yourself, you may want to look for smaller designs.  Happy Crafting!