WIP Wednesday: Mixtro the Monster

Mixtro the Monster- Work in Progress

I'm so excited about this project!  I've had this pattern sitting in my queue for awhile now and I finally found a reason to start it.  Mixtro is going to make a great gift for a friends baby on the way.  Since this project is for a baby I had to go with the bright colors.  I combed through my stash looking for colors to put together.  I'm in the middle of moving my craft room from the front of the house to the back so I'll admit its quite a mess in there!  The stars must have aligned for this project because two carefully placed steps through the piles of craft supplies I saw these two colors next to each others and they were just striking.  I'm using hobby lobby's I love this yarn in limelight and turquoise with a G hook.  The pattern calls for an H hook but I dropped down a size to be sure that stuffing doesn't show through or worse start coming out.

Let me add as well that this pattern is available for free.  You can find it on ravelry or here.  This is my second pattern by FreshStitches and I'm in love with their patterns.  FreshStitches creates patterns for amigurumi plushies that feature the single crochet stitch working in the round and through the back loop only (BLO).  Working through the BLO creates a nice texture and makes the patterns really stand out from the rest. 

I'm really enjoying working on Mixtro and taking a break from knitting.  I have a feeling I'm going to crochet so much tonight that Mixtro will be finished by this evening :)