TIL Tuesday: Don't Get It Twisted

First Knitted FO- Owl Two Ways (Knit)
So today surfing the forums on ravelry I learned that I have been knitting through the back loop! At first I wasn't really sure what that meant but the more I looked into it I found out it means that my stitches are twisted.

Being a lifelong crocheter I have avoided knitting like the plague but as I get older it seems all I'm trying to do is expand my skills. I'm fairly new to knitting and I've only ever finished one project.  Sometime between teaching myself out of a book months ago and this week I have managed to start knitting incorrectly.  According to the post it's a very common mistake (sometimes done on purpose for its effect).

At Stitches South a few weeks ago I bought Building Blocks to move past the knitting basics (which I thought I had nailed).  This book features 12 blocks that you can sew together in the end for a nice afghan.  I started knitting my first block and I noticed my work was looking  a little funny compared to the book.
Block 1- Almost halfway finished with twisted knits--purls look good though ;)

I was trying to figure out why my work was looking a little funny.  I blamed it on my new knitters tension when it turns out I was just knitting through the back loop.  At least I'm glad to know that what the problem is!  I found this nice site explaining what to look for so if you think you may be knitting wrong it's worth checking out!