Thread It Thursday: Fat Quarter Baby Blanket

I saw this lovely fat quarter bundle at Joannes and I just could NOT pass it up!  To make this blanket in progress I had to buy two bundles since I didn't want to use the blue flower print that also came with it.  This project is my FIRST EVER quilt so I'm kind of just feeling things out.  I've been reading many websites and blogs that show tips and tricks.  I'm not really sure if I'm doing things the hard way yet but I'm having fun none the less! 

I started by cutting the quarters into 3x3 inch squares.  Then I sketched up my layout pattern.  And at the moment I've been sewing the squares together vertically with a 1/4 inch seam to create long horizontal strips.  When I have them all done I plan to press the seams, pin them and then sew them vertically.  I'll keep updates posted on the blog and when it's all over I'll put together a tutorial!