Make It Monday: Something Pretty

I found this beautiful square on ravelry which links to Mille Makes where you can pick up the pattern for free.  The first time I followed this pattern I was a little confused because its not written like traditional patterns so I thought it would be a perfect fit for a picture tutorial!  I'm not going to post her pattern on my blog so you will need to stop by Mille Makes blog to pick up the pattern to follow along with the pictures.
Got the pattern?  Alright lets get started....

This is what you should have before the first round

This is what the first round should look like.

 At the beginning of round two, the ch 3 counts as the first dc (ch3 + 4dc = 5dc).

To make the flower petal drop the hook from the fifth dc loop, insert the hook in the top ch of the ch 3 and pick back up the loop from the fifth dc.

Then pull the loop through the top ch of the ch 3.

This is what the second round should look like.  Make sure that you have 8 petals.  I noticed that the petals are kinda poofy and sometimes can "hide" the next sc so that you accidentally skip it.

In the beginning of round three the ch3 counts as a dc again. 

This is what round three should look like.

I prefer to color change on the sl st of the end of round three.

At the beginning of round four, again the ch3 counts as the first dc.

This is what the first three sets of 3dc should look like.

This is what you should have at the end of the fourth and final round!  Congratulations!  Now isn't that just something pretty :D